Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Duke Weekend

Before we start from the beginning, let us start before the beginning. (The most important part of this blog). If you haven’t seen our senior picture that is on the website and in the media guide, it is highly recommended that you look at it. It is one of those pictures that you just never want to stop looking at. Feel free to print it and carry it around with you everyday. If you are really feeling crazy, put it by your mirror, so you can strive to be that good-looking. It makes us wonder if there is anything more to life than being “really, really ridiculously good looking?”(Derek Zoolander)

Now we can start from the beginning - where it all starts. We have been in preseason for the last three weeks, so it has been interesting for all of us to try and get our skills back to their peaks. This Thursday, we departed Milwaukee to go to North Carolina to play at Duke for a tournament. When we got on our plane, we realized quickly that our duffle bags (that could fit large children) weren’t all going to fit inside of the overhead compartments. Because of this, some of us gave our bags to the flight attendants for them to check, which caused Susie to freak out for the remainder of the day that they would be lost. Turns out they made it safe and sound to North Carolina and Susie was fully dressed all weekend 

When we got to the hotel we had to do a pool “work-out” with trainer Will. Will has never previously worked with a group of girls. He realized quickly that we weren’t just any girls, but we are obnoxious girls who also struggle with bodily functions and listening during pool “work-outs.” The pool was cold and lots of the girls were being little wussies. Rachel and Biz did not like this and proceeded to canon ball into the pool giving the coaches a splash. Biz then saw an opportunity, and splashed everyone until they stopped crying like babies. Kayla and Amber FREAKED out. Apparently it is “frowned upon” to splash someone before they have a shower cap on their hair…. Who knew? The rest of the work out seemed to be going according to plan, though it took a while for Will to get us to stop blabbing on about nothing and listen up. For our last part of the work out we were supposed to race each other (sprinting in the water, not swimming) from the 3-foot area to the 5-foot area. Well we all participated, but there was plenty of hair pulling and pushing over in the process. Turns out that the 5-foot area was just a little bit too deep for some people and there was a near death experience this day. Amber started yelling and flailing her arms like she was about to die, but most of us were too busy laughing at her thinking that she was joking. She wasn’t. She cannot swim. Anna had to carry her into the shallow end again (I’m a hero). Sammi, a freshman, asked Amber while being extremely concerned “Can you not swim?” and Amber responded by yelling back, “NO I CANT SWIM! I’M BLACK.” She can be so stereotypical.

The next day we had our pregame meal at Champs, because last time we ate there we won, so we decided to be champs again. Superstition. No we aren’t superstitious at all. Well, sometimes… The food was delicious and they were playing great music, so Biz responded to this by yell-singing the song. Yell-singing is a form of singing that takes place while you are yelling. Apparently yelling in a restaurant classifies us as “obnoxious.” Typical.

That night we played Fairfield and won in 4!

The next day we played William and Mary and won in 4!

The night after our second win, we lost in 3 to Duke. We played absolutely terrible our first two games of it, but came back and really did well the third game. In our defense …. these girls could easily have been mistaken as the Incredible Hulk (except not green) or a forest (except in spandex … and not brown ...)

All in all it was a great first weekend!

RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. The poison. The poison especially designed to kill Kuzko. Kuzko’s poison. That poison?

Biz and Anna aka Aniz aka Banna

WAIIIITTTTTTT don’t stop reading! We aren’t quite finished… Well we thought we finished this blog on the plane, but it turns out layovers can have a lot of action happen. As we were hustling to concourse D, we caught a train over from concourse C. All of us got onto it and there was still plenty of time, but low and behold outside the doors stood Maisey. Nervous and thinking the closing doors would close on her, she remained outside, paralyzed with fear. As we zoomed away, we watched as Maisey disappeared into the darkness, convinced we would never see her again. As we all hussled out of the train at our stop at concourse D, almost the whole team began to call and text Maisey. After not seeing her get out at the next stop a few minutes later, panic trickled into everyone’s eyes. We clearly didn’t have much confidence in her problem-solving skills … she (almost) proved us wrong! Minutes later we saw her walking toward us from the opposite direction. Apparently she had found Kevin, and they both made it to the gate. It was a happy ending.